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Laser Hair Removal El Paso

Hello, you probably found us by searching for “Hair removal El Paso” or “El Paso laser hair removal” which means you are in need or curious about laser hair removal. Let me welcome you to Laser Hair Removal El Paso. We offer hair removal from tip to toe at an affordable price.

You may be here because you find the old, temporary removal techniques tiresome and frustrating, from skin nicks, razor burn, and expensive waxing. It's time to do away with the old and bring in the new! Laser hair removal is the safest, most efficient permanent hair removal El Paso available today.

If you would like to tour our office or learn more about Laser hair removal call us today and we will schedule your free consultation.

About Laser Hair Removal El Paso

We have been an established Laser hair removal company in El Paso Tx for years and have been lucky enough to help hundreds of men and women feel confident in their own skin. We pride ourselves on maintaining a positive reputation which means we keep our standards high and consistent.

We take time to learn exactly what you are looking for, and the expectations you have for treatment, and our mission is to go beyond those expectations and provide a wonderful customer experience.

At Laser Hair Removal El Paso we offer a modern feel, with private treatment rooms and consultation rooms. Our office stands out in El Paso with all the rich history and culture.

We are best known for our ability to treat unwanted hair anywhere on the body, whether it is laser hair removal or our advanced electrolysis treatment. We value our patients, and your time, and strive to make every appointment with us efficient and enjoyable.

Why Choose Us?

What makes us stand out among any other laser hair removal company in the area is our 3 wavelength laser machine, there is no machine like it in the area.

We take pride in being able to perform excellent laser hair removal with a relaxing enjoyable experience.

We understand laser hair removal is a new, unknown technique to many, this is why it is very important to us that we stay transparent and open about results and the procedure and what to expect.

We have been treating men and women with El Paso laser hair removal for years.

It is important to us that we:

  • Provide each patient with a customized treatment plan
  • Guarantee and comfortable pain-free experience
  • It is important that we meet your satisfaction
  • Provide affordable rates
  • Give free consultations to our patients
  • Take time to educate and prepare you before your removal treatment.

We are excited to sit down with you and hear about your hair removal needs.

Call us today for your free consultation, and we will get started with your customized treatment plan.

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All the laser hair removal services you need. One convenient location. We has the best hair removal services in El Paso and surrounding areas. Contact us to book your free consultation!

What To Expect

Most of the time when you think of hair removal it is running to the store to buy an overpriced shaver, or waiting for availability for your wax appointment or spending 15 minutes in pain while plucking your eyebrows.

At Laser Hair Removal El Paso you will rethink the way you look at hair removal. We offer a sophisticated spa experience, you will be looking forward to your appointments every time, for once you just sit back and let us take care of everything.

We always offer a free consultation where you may ask questions and learn about what to expect out of the procedure, we will give you a tour of the office and demonstrate the PrimeLase machine so you can feel at ease. If you have any questions after your consultation please call and we will have our professionals get back to you with an answer promptly.

For laser hair removal and electrolysis El Paso Tx, there is a bit of preparation needed, more like non-preparation. We ask that you stop all tanning appointments 1 week before. And stop any plucking or waxing at least 6 weeks before your treatment. Shaving is okay up to the day of your appointment.

Before your procedure, we will perform a test patch to see how the hair responds and make any adjustments needed. You should be able to just sit back and relax throughout, remember this is no longer a tedious task for you.

After your treatment, you will need to limit direct sunlight on the area because it may be sensitive, if you have facial treatment then we will provide safe sunscreen to protect your skin. You will be able to return to your normal activities with no downtime.


If you are in need of El Paso Laser hair removal we are the number one choice in the area. We offer high quality and professional hair removal options. At laser Hair Removal El Paso we use the very best device available, the Primelase machine which has a 3 wavelength system which makes it possible to successfully treat any hair type.

spokane electrolysis


If you are looking for electrolysis El Paso TX then we are here to help.

Electrolysis is another type of permeate hair removal where a fine and delicate probe is inserted into the hair follicle and heat energy is used to completely destroy that follicle and the hair.

This makes it impossible for new hair to grow giving permanent results.

spokane leg hair removal

Leg Laser

Hair Removal

Leg hair removal using laser treatment is changing the way we look at hair removal, old methods such as shaving are nothing more than a task, laser hair removal can end this tedious task for good.

Leg and arm laser hair removal are one of our most comfortable treatments.

These areas respond great to the laser and smooth silky skin is easily achieved.

el paso brazilian and el paso bikini line hair removal


Hair Removal

Bikini Laser hair removal includes the hair that lies outside the panty line and 3 inches down the leg.

Leaving skin silky smooth for your swimsuit.

Brazilian laser hair removal will remove all the pubic hair leaving you completely bare.

Some women choose to customize treatments leaving some hair such as a strip or triangle shape.

el paso facial hair removal


Hair Removal

Removal of undesirable facial hair is important to many, this includes chin, upper lip, sideburns, neckline, hairline, and cheeks.

People go at great lengths to keep this hair at bay, we offer a safe permanent solution to your unwanted facial hair.

el paso arm hair removal


Hair Removal

El Paso has some of the hottest summer months, making Underarm treatment the perfect choice for women in the area.

Laser removal of this area can be quick and cause minimal discomfort and achieve the longest-lasting results.

Ditch the stubble and opt for permanently smooth skin.

el paso arm chest laser hair removal and el paso back laser hair removal

Chest/Back Laser Hair Removal

This treatment is extremely popular with our male patients.

The back and chest are our largest treatment areas and will require more treatments than most but this is a very comfortable procedure.

Men spend the summer months shirtless, swimming or having fun in the sun, permanent removal of this hair can guarantee you feel confident wherever you go.


I am so thankful that a reasonably priced laser hair removal company is in the area. I have been wanting laser hair removal El Paso Tx for years. other places were too far away or too expensive. I am so pleased with my results and the fact that I didn’t have to sacrifice my budget to treat myself.

Maggie S.

Wow! They are all so sweet. I am pretty shy and get nervous going into new places. I went in for my consultation yesterday. As usual, I was very quiet, but my esthetician was polite and calm, she could sense I had more questions then I was asking so she made sure to go into detail about everything. I feel really great about my choice.

Kylie A.

I think I have had about 12 treatments over the past few years. I have had my upper lip, a Brazilian, and my legs treated. Their device is definitely top of the line and has given me the best results out of anywhere. They are really thorough and care about what my desired look is.

Becca H.

About El Paso

With 302 miraculous days of sunshine, a year El Paso Texas is a melting pot of many cultures. As a border town on the Rio Grande and the US-Mexico border, the city is alive with Mexican cuisine, art, and history. In fact, El Paso is Known For being the town that many traveled to watch the Mexican Revolution unfold.

It is also told, the Famous Billy the Kid freedmen in the El Paso Jail which is the only time that has ever happened. Along with their rich western history, the town is also home to Fort Bliss, a large military base.

El Paso is an ever-changing city, but they hold strong to their roots, as new buildings rise and more and more trending restaurants and stores appear El Paso is becoming a great dedication for the West. with a population of 951,000, the city is a major economic, metropolitan city.

El Paso Surround areas:

  • Socorro Tx
  • Northeast El Paso Tx
  • Horizon City Tx
  • Fabens Tx
  • Clint Tx
  • Tornillo Tx
  • All Surrounding Areas


What areas of the body can I have laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal can be performed practically anywhere on the body with the expectation of the eyebrows, fine hair, and hair with no little pigment is harder to treat such as peach fuzz and grey hair. If you would like your eyebrows treated then we offer Electrolysis.

Is laser hair removal safe?

Yes Laser hair treatment is safe, our lasers target the pigment in the hair and leave the surrounding skin unharmed.

How much does laser hair removal cost?

At Laser Hair Removal El Paso cost can vary. The larger the area, the more treatments will be needed. Prices can range from $60-$220. The number of sessions also depends on the level of removal you are happy with.

Is it a painful process?

The procedure should not be painful, really the goal is to not feel anything at all except a little cool air from our ChilTip device. What makes laser hair removal so incredible is that it should be more like a spa experience than a tedious hair removal task.

Do I need to do anything to prepare?

Because the laser attacks the pigment in the hair follicle we need all tanning appointments or at-home treatments to stop at least a week before your first session. We also ask that you stop waxing or plucking at least 6-7 weeks before laser hair removal.

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If you are ready to transform the way you deal with stubborn unwanted hair then laser hair removal is right for you.

At Laser Hair Removal El Paso we care about your hair removal goals and guarantee your satisfaction will be met. Our 3 wavelength laser can remove hair safely for any skin and hair type.

It is our priority to provide consistently excellent customer service and to give a safe and beautiful treatment area for our patients.

We are excited to give you a tour call today before our schedule fills up so we can schedule your consultation.

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